Board of Directors

Syed Mohammed Naqvi

President (301) 252-3045

Syed Qayem Hussain

Secretary (301) 318-9571

Syed Ali Shirazie

Treasurer (443) 570-7771

Syed Ali Abbas Abedi

Programs Committee Lead
(301) 346-2670

Mohammed Adil Rizvi

(240) 832-6397

Syed Manzar Rizvi

Program Committee
(202) 819-1998

Rafiq Lakhani

Kitchen Maintenance
(443) 744-2902

Faizan Naqvi

Youth and Interfaith
(301) 335-8248

Syed Jafar H. Rizvi

Program Committee Youth affairs
(301) 213-0480

Mariam Thakkar

Hall Reservation & JIS Liaison
(301) 957-6899

Aziza Talajawala

Program Committee
(443) 756-5000

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