Funeral and Burial Services

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajioon – To God we belong and to Him is our return

The death of a loved and dear member of the family is an exceedingly difficult time.
Idara-e-Jaferia is here to assist you and your family through this painful time to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

The Idara-e-Jaferia’s funeral services are run by a group of well-trained volunteers under the guidance of our resident Alim, Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee.
The team of volunteers guide and assist in the following burial services:

  • performing ghusl (washing)
  • providing kafan (shrouding)
  • arranging for Janaza Prayer and burial/grave
  • assisting in getting the death certificate
  • arranging transportation from home or hospital
  • any other funeral related issues.

For any funeral related questions or inquiries please contact the following at any time of the day –

  • Ali Abbas Abedi at (301)-346-2670
  • Syed Mohammad Naqvi at (301)-252-3045

Please note that the Idara-e-Jaferia is in the process of converting all gravesite records, including opening and closing information from paper to an electronic system of record. Those who have purchased grave sites at Maryland Cemetery through the Idara-e-Jaferia, please update your personal information including home address and gravesite records by contacting Syed Mohammed Naqvi at (301)-252-3045 to ensure the most accurate and complete information is on file.

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