Muharram 1443 Update


Speaker – Sr. Kazima Zaidi from Chicago, Illinois

August 9th – August 18th, and August 21st
Time – 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

August 19th (Ashur Day)
Time – 8:30 AM

August 20th (Yaum-e-Zainab)
Time – 7:00 PM

To read salaam/nauha, please contact Sr. Mumtaz Amir
To sponsor a tabarruk, please contact Sr. Subia Rizvi or Sr. Kaniz Lakhani

Speaker – Dr. Sayed Moustafa Qazwini from Orange County, California

August 9th – August 18th, and August 21st
Time – 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM

August 19th (Ashur Day)
Time – 11:00 AM

To read Hadees-e-Kisa or nauha please contact

To sponsor a tabarruk please contact

Speaker – Maulana Raees Ahmed Jarchavi from Delhi, India

August 9th – August 18th, and August 21st
Time – 8:45 PM

August 19th (Ashur Day)
Time – After Dhuhrain Salaat

To read soz/salaam/nauha please contact Br. Qayem Hussain (Mohsin) or Br. Ali Abbas Abedi

Post Ashura

Br. Syed Jafar Rizvi 
Br. Amjad Sabir

Urdu -
Br. Ali Abbas Abedi
Br. Qayem Hussain (Mohsin)
To check the availability and reserve the ladies hall for all post Ashura ladies majaalis, please contact
Sr. Aziza Talajawala
Sr. Mariam Thakkar

Rules and Guidelines

Please make a note of the following guidelines

  • wearing masks Everyone 2 years or older must wear masks inside the building
  • social distancing whenever possible
  • no consumption of food or drink while inside the Idara building
  • sajdagahs and tasbeehs must be brought from home

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