Muharram 1446 Program

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

AsSalaam Alaikum Respected Idara Community Members,

Please see the information below regarding programs for Shab of 1st
 through 12th Muharram 1446 | July 6th through July 18th 2024 (subject to moonsighting).

TIMINGS starting Sunday July 7:
6:15pm – 7:40pm – Ladies Majlis
Speaker: Zakera Sadaf Zaidi
7:30pm – 8:45pmEnglish Majlis  
Speaker: Dr. Shaykh Abu Sumayya
8:45pm – 8:50pm – Adhaan/Prep for Salaat
8:50pm – Maghrebayn
9:10pm – Urdu Majlis
Speaker: Moulana Qasid Abbas


● Community’s cooperation is needed to start and end programs on time
● During English programs men will not have access to the Zareeh area
● Due to high demand and community requests, the front parking lot will be dedicated to handicap parking only.  Per State and County laws, the handicap placard must be registered to the driver of the vehicle.  If the handicap placard is registered to the passenger, he (or she) must be dropped off and the driver must proceed to the back and park in a regular spot
● Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and/or towed – a police officer will be on site daily
● Basketball court and playground WILL NOT be available for the first 12 days of Moharram
● Please always keep your children with you
● Multipurpose room is available for mothers with young children, unsupervised children will be
asked to return to the main hall
● Lower level is available for ladies’ overflow, please let a volunteer know if you need assistance
accessing the entrance

General rules to ensure a safe and spiritual Ayyam-e-Aza:

● Please cooperate with all volunteers, especially the crowd control & parking teams
● Separate men’s and ladies’ tents will be available for chai and Tabarruk consumption. Please
refrain from bringing food or tea in the hall during the Majlis
● No waiting in the parking lot or in the lobby while the Majlis is in session
Absolutely NO video recording during the Zanjeer Matam OR photos/videos in the ladies hall

Contact Information:

  • Urdu Majalis:
    • Br. Qayem Hussain (Mohsin) – 301-318-9571
    • Br. Asad Isfahani – 240-751-0397
  • Tabarruk Distribution & kitchen rental:
    • Br. Hasan Yousuf Zaidi – 202-341-7242
  • English Majalis:
    • Br. Amjad Sabir  – 240-672-7283
    • Tabarruk Distribution:
      • Br. Amjad Sabir – 240-672-72
      • Sr. Masoomeh Shirazie – 443-632-5632
  • Ladies Majalis:
    • Sr. Syeda Mumtaz Amir – 443-313-9659 | 443-745-4397
    • Tabarruk Distribution:
      • Sr. Subia Rizvi – 202-534-2879
      • Sr. Syeda Mumtaz Amir – 443-745-4397
    • Post-Ashura Ladies Majalis Hall Booking:
      • Sr. Syeda Mumtaz Amir – 443-745-4397
  • Children’s Program (ages 5-11):
    • Sr. Mariam Thakkar – 301-957-6899
    • Tabarruk Distribution:
      • Sr. Mariam Thakkar – 301-957-6899
  • Volunteer Coordinators:
    • Br. Syed Ali Shirazie (gents) – 443-570-7771
    • Sr. Aziza Talajawala (ladies) – 443-756-5000
    • Sr. Mariam Thakkar (children’s program) – 301-957-6899

NOTE: Post Ashura Majlis hadiya – $100 without kitchen use and $300 with kitchen use

Kindly observe Hijab at all the times while on Idara premises


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