Community Fund

Funds towards supporting the community.


Become a member of Idara-e-Jaferia or renew your membership.

Single Membership : $240.00 per year
Family Membership : $360.00 per year

Idara Programs

Contribute towards supporting Idara programs by sponsoring one or donating to the Sponsor Fund.

Kitchen usage for an Idara program : $250.00
Sponsor Fund – Funds to run Idara programs.

Private Rental

The Idara can be rented for a wide variety of private programs.

Majlis / Milad : $500.00 per hall
Anniversary / Ameen : $600.00 per hall
Nikaah / Wedding : $1000.00 per hall

Donation Funds

The Idara has many funds that one can contribute towards.

Building Fund : Funds for the Idara building.
Operating Fund : Funds for operational costs of the Idara.

Khums / Sadaqa / Fitra

Khums, fitra, and sadaqa can be paid to the Idara. On your behalf, the Idara will forward your contributions to the appropriate organization(s) and/or people in need.

Jaferia Islamic School

Payment of JIS fees.