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Let’s give a moment to appreciate for what this man has done,

If you or I were in his situation we would run,

This is in way to honor our third Imam,

The person who gave everything for islam,

He faced a tough childhood after losing his mom,

Yet with everything going on he kept calm,

He is the son of Ali or as we call him Imam Hussain,

He lost his brothers and sons he went through pain,

He lost everything till the point it was his time to fight,

We honor him on Ashura and remember him for doing right.

The Lion Of Allah 

When I was writing this poem, I thought

This is easily possible

Then I saw the 100 words or less

And I thought that this is near impossible

Because the thing about Ali

Is that he’s the Gateway to the City of Knowledge

So once I start writing about Amir Al Mu’minin

There will be no stoppage

He swore on his deathbed

By his birthplace, the house of Allah

If you don’t believe that’s where he was born Just go look at the crack in the Ka’aba


Kaaba split open it’s wall,

To deliver a spiritual leader for us all


Ali is the spring, all the springs spring from it.

His birthplace is Kaba, the cardinal unit.


The eyes of Wali ul Allah sparkled,

At the first sight of Prophet Muhammad


Brought up by Muhammad, from his very youth

Every truth is with him and he is with every truth


Islam needed a protector,

Just like Haider e Karar.


He embraced Islam, like a mother.

He removed the darkness and lightened up iman,


He is the gate, to the city of knowledge

The knowledge, that is the basis of kul e iman.


Allah is on his side.

He is our guide.


One must abide his guide,

To embellish his after life.


Recite Naad e Ali, if you have any worry.

He will come to help you as he is Mushkil Kusha Ali.

Imam Ali’s Great Lessons


Helping the poor is a great thing to do.

Being patient is a good thing too.

Be sure not to lie.

Be honest, at least try!

The sourness of this world is the sweetness of the next, the sweetness of this world is the sourness of the next.

At all costs avoid boasting, delay revenge.

Fear Allah in happiness and in distress.

Practice these lessons you will find great success!

This man was the first and last to be born

In the Almighty Kaaba

In the Almighty House of Allah

Our first Imam, Imam Ali (A.S)


He stood tall by the Prophet’s side

Following him around, as his tour guide

Learning the basics and his love for Islam

How else do you enter a City besides its Gate?


And on the battlefield, no one could defeat him

His inner lion shown out, with his Zulfiqar within


Our hearts are filled with happiness

Our souls filled with glee

Happy Birthday, Imam Ali


We are Shia-tul Ali

And Forever we will be

Being Born In The Kaaba,

His Imamat Began at Ghadeer Khum,

Ending In Sajdah.,

Fighting Courageously Battle After Battle,

He Had The Spirit of A Lion,

Sinlessness Was Many of The Attributes he had,

This Man Was A Kind Hearted Soul,

He Was Pious To All His Believers ,

He Spread The Message Of Allah and The Quran,

He Had A Family Full of Greatness,

This Was Our First Imam,

Imam Ali (AS)

Bismillahir Rahman Iraheem


Imam Ali (a.s) was a guide for those not in the light,

He donated to the poor in the dead of the night.


His wisdom and knowledge is something we write,

Salooni salooni meant he was absolutely right.


In Khyber and Khandak we saw his might,

In Uhud and Siffeen we also see him fight.


When a momin keeps Imam Ali (a.s) in their sight,

That momin surely will never face plight.

Allah sent 12 imam

For us to learn Islam

Imam came to protect

Quran and to safe Iman


Light your heart, cherish your belief

Month of Rajab will bring great relief
Lets celebrate their birth
For whom, Allah has created heaven and earth

Ali is loyal to Allah and Rasul Allah that’s why Allah blessed him to be our, leader

You fight like a lion with your sword

For your bravery, aye mola

you got the title, Sher-e-Khuda


The one who opens the knowledge

For us to shine and groom

He got the title Baqir-ul-olum


Let’s celebrate the birth of our noble imam

The kind, The honest,

The generous Jaffar al Tani


Ya Imam-Al-Hadi, you are our

lead towards Sirat al Mustaqim

You are the twelfth of Chaharda Masoomeen


Month of Rajab is full of blessings

Show your love and caring

It’s the birthday of our imam, we are celebrating

He took on the

enormous responsibility and

became an imam at the tender age of five.


Fading in and out of view and

when the trumpet blows,

it will be his cue.


Until then,

he will show himself only

to those who pray,

and are worthy.


“The promised savior”

While the world is descending into uncertainty,

and there is no justice or peace,

he will manifest

and restore the harmony.


Every day, every hour,

the day of Qiyamah creeps closer and closer.

When it does,

we will all witness Imam Mahdi come.

Bismillahir Rahman Iraheem

Mubarak to all of us on this special day

Here is what I have to say


Imam Ali (a.s), he fought in the battle of Khyber

Imam Ali (a.s), he was the true rehbar


Imam Naqi (a.s), he taught people in university

Imam Naqi (a.s), he was praised even by his enemies


Imam Baqir (a.s) was in Karbala with Imam Hussain’s daughter

Bibi Sakina (a.s) thought of Ali Asghar (a.s) first when she got water


Imam Taqi (a.s) became Imam at a very young age

Lions bowed down to his son Naqi (a.s) in the cage


Mubarak to all of us on this special day

Mubarak to all of us on this special day

On the 15th of Sha’ban,

Came the light of Nargis.

And the darling of Askari (as),

The savior of humanity.

He’s the descendant of Fatima(SA),

Whose resemblance is of Muhammad(SAW).

His beautiful face is covered with light,

And his precious heart too shines bright.

Ya Mahdi(as)! I call him day by day,

Day goes to night while this world goes astray.

This world is corrupt and I watch as I wait,

Waiting for you, whom I wish to see, Oh my beloved Imam Mahdi (as)

No Other Man Like Amir al-Mu’minin



Lion of Allah

Cousin of Rasoolullah


Compiler of the Quran

Held the power of the Zulfikar


Stood on the shoulders of Muhammad-al-Amin

And smashed the idols in the kaaba where they’d been


Like a flying moth which flies around a candle

Ali stayed close to the prophet wrapped around him like his mantle


The charging lion Haider-e-Karrar

Defended Rasulullah in all battles when others ran far



Conqueror of Khaiber

Stronger than 20 he tore down the gates of Khaiber


Truth is with Ali and Ali is with the truth

Quran is with Ali and Ali is with Quran

(Narey Haidery)

Imam Ali (AS)


The one who had scars on his back

From carrying food at the dead of night

They would not know who he was

They would only see a kind light

From night to night he would go

Not looking to show

But rather the opposite

So he said:

“Do good, but never speak of it.”

That is why he is called

The father of orphans

He had a soft spot

For orphans and poor people

Just like the prophet

He loved children

When he was sick

Dozens of children came

Bringing milk and good wishes

I say this to all fathers

You can take Imam Ali (AS)

As an example

Of what you should be

 Who was Ali?

The blessing of Allah for all humanity

Our God-chosen Wali

The only Amir-ul-Momineen


In his titles was Zawje Fatima

He was the father of two Imams

His descendants were the honorable Awliyah

In his might was the death of Walid bin Utba


Woe onto those who did not treat him rightly

The Noor on his blessed face shone brightly

The charity he used to give nightly

He dealt with the enemies so precisely

Our Imam was so courageous and knightly

He told the strongest enemies to come and fight me!


From him comes the justice we crave

The justice that Imam Mahdi (as) will one day proliferate

The shackles of injustice will he liberate

So, I asked in the beginning, Who was Ali?

The grandfather of Mehdi is my Maula Ali

A very blessed soul came on the 3rd of Sha’ban,

The grandson of the prophet (PBUH)

Lost his family but fought bravely in battle,

Focused on only saving islam.

A very pure and wholesome imam.

He was apart of a gracious group called Ahl-Kisa,

He is our 3rd imam and is one of the 14 masoomeen.

Even though he disliked Yazid he was loyal to all of his companions, His heart was full of kindness and love for his family and the Ahlul Bayt

The son of

Imam al-Jawad

Is here

Imam al- Hadi

The one who guides

The one who is a guide for the


Imam al-Hadi

The one who was


Because of someone’s


Because of his

Righteous life

He lead the people towards the right path

With his

Poetic wisdom

That reminded

People of Allah, the Creator


The Imam recites

“Build forts on top of mountains;

Have strong men guard them

But there is no point

Because soon you will fall into your grave

Now where are your forts and men to save you now” And there he left them silent

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