Idara-e-Jaferia recognizes that violence/abuse is a violation of Islamic moral laws, is committed to preserving the sanctity of its premises and maintaining/fostering an environment of respect, peace, and harmony at all times, and unequivocally condemns violent or abusive conduct, whether verbal,written, or physical, regardless of whether such behavior occurs in response to provocation, real or perceived. Accordingly, it expects that every member and guest shall be treated with dignity, in a fair and just manner at all times and there shall be absolutely no violence/abuse on its premises. Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension or termination of membership and/or debarment from ldara's premises.


1.       The Board of Directors shall ensure that a copy of this policy is posted on premises at all times.

2.       Members shall treat other members and guests at all times in a respectful manner and, on the premises of the Idara; refrain from violent or abusive behavior of any scope or type, regardless of the circumstances.

3.       Members who feel victimized/threatened by the behavior of another member or guest shall not respond in kind while on the Idara's premises but, instead, shall remove themselves from the location/situation immediately, leaving the Idara's premises if necessary, and report the matter to the Board of Directors. Any actions the victimized/threatened person wishes to take or remedies he/she wishes to pursue shall be taken or sought away from the Idara's premises. The resources or premises of the Idara shall not be used or involved in the taking of such responsive action(s).

4.       The Board shall review each report/complaint and conduct an investigation into the matter within fifteen (15) days of the date of the complaint. Following conclusion of its investigation, upon a finding by the Board that a violation has occurred, and based on the egregiousness of the conduct in question, the Board shall, in its discretion: (a) suspend membership of the member(s) found to have violated the policy for period of six (6) months starting from the date of the incident; (b) terminate the person(s) membership; and/or (c) permanently debar the individual from membership.

5.       Any member whose membership is suspended pursuant to this policy may be reinstated after the suspension period provided, however, that (a) he/she is current on membership dues; and (b) submits a letter of apology to the Board. A suspended member is not deemed to be a member in good standing.

6.       Any member whose membership is terminated pursuant to this policy may apply for membership after a period of one (1) year from the date of the incident, provided however, that he/she submits a letter of apology to the Board.

7.       Where membership suspended/terminated is a Family membership, it shall be converted to Individual/Single membership under the spouse's name so as to allow the spouse of the suspended/terminated member to continue his/her membership.

8.       Letters of apology received pursuant to Paragraphs 5 or 6 above shall be addressed to the members of the ldara, be maintained in the Board's files for a period of one year from the date of the letter and shall be available for review by any member during that period.

9.       Members whose membership is suspended/ terminated pursuant to this policy shall not be eligible to serve on the Idara's Boards of Directors or Trustees for a period of five (5) years from the date of the incident.

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