Resident Alim

Hujjat ul Islam Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee

Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He began his Islamic studies at Al-Hidayah Islamic School. After graduating, he became a teacher at Al-Hidayah Islamic School and taught for many years.


Later, he started his Hawzah studies at the Ahlulbait Institute in Accra. Upon graduation, he became a teacher at the Ahlulbait Institute. While teaching at the Institute, Sheikh Jalil also served as one of the Imams and speakers at the Shia Central Mosque in Accra.


After years of service in Ghana, he moved to Iran to further his Hawzah studies. After completing his Hawzah studies, he moved to Washington DC. He served different centers and mosques, in addition to teaching Islamic Studies and Quran at the Muslim Community School in Maryland.


Currently, Sheikh Jalil serves as the resident alim of the Idara-e-Jaferia Islamic Center in Burtonsville, Maryland.
Mercy upon people and Allah will Mercy upon you

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Tawus-ibn-il-Yaman said that he heard when Imam ‘Ali-ibn-il-Husain, Zainul-‘Abidin (‘a) that said the epithets of a believer were five then he asked him (‘a) about them and he answered: “Piety in private, donating charity at the time of need, patience when misfortunes come, tolerance at the time of anger, truthfulness when there is fear.”

Al-Khisal by Saduq, p. 127