It is our collective responsibility to perform funeral and burial arrangements of a Muslim when it is needed. Therefore, the following information is provided to let you know about what you should do, in case of death of a relative or a friend. Please come forward to sign-up as a member of Idara Jaferia’s funeral team and be committed in assisting other Momineen. At a minimum, purchase gravesite(s), have the Kafan ready, and donate money to build an emergency fund.



  1. Contact the Idara Director in-charge of funerals or Ali Abbas Abedi (301) 346-2670 for making pre-funeral arrangements, including verification of availability of a gravesite. Also, give him information; such as, name, date of birth, hospital name and phone numbers.
  2. Know some of the following religious obligations that should be performed immediately after death: Straighten up the fingers, hands (not on the chest) and legs. Close the eyes and mouth and clean them, if necessary. Put a bed sheet over the dead body. Lay the dead body in such a way that the legs are facing towards the Quibla. In short, keep the dead body in a posture prescribed by Islamic Shariyah. Maintain Islamic environment by giving Azaan, Iquamat and keep reciting Kalmah and Qur’an. Ghusl-e Mas-e Mayyat is Wajib for someone who has touched the dead body.
  3. Ask the treating physician to expedite the process of issuing the death certificate and remove the syringes from the dead body.



  1. Contact the Director in-charge of funerals and any of the following persons. Provide gravesite number to Cemetery. (Refer to grave-site “deed”) or identify from a desirable unfilled/not purchased site from the map of Bagh-e Mustafa. Also, know that the following persons have volunteered their services for providing Ghusl-e Mayyat and can be of assistance in providing related services:
  2. Contact Idara-sponsored CEMETERY {Maryland National Memorial Park, Contact Person: Ms. Sharis, (301) 210-6465. It is located on Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue), about 4 miles north of Capital Beltway’s exit 25 at the intersection of Contee Rd. Make sure to specify that you are Idara-e Jaferia’s member to get prompt grave opening and closing service at BAGH-E MUSTAFA and to get the discounts (15% on Service and 20% on Marker). If you are deciding the timing of burial, make sure that it is done 4 to 5 hours after the start of Ghusl Mayyat and 1 to 1 ½ hour after Namaz-e Janaza. One of the family members should visit them to sign the necessary papers.
  3. Authorized person should read the Last Will of the deceased and implement it.

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